Hillcrest Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Collection & Delivery


Price List

•  1 Cat - £10 per night

•  2 Cats sharing - £15 per night

•  3 Cats sharing - £20 per night


VAT included.

At Hillcrest Boarding Kennels, we offer dry and wet food. However, you are more than welcome to bring your own food, particularly if they are on a specific diet. In addition, we have the facility to store frozen food. Our staff will ensure that your cat has a constant supply of fresh water.

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Each purpose built single or family chalet contains a comfortable, heated bedroom complete with shelves, bedding and litter tray. Each chalet includes a spacious exercise area with scratching posts and toys. The pens are cleaned thoroughly each day to ensure a hygenic and safe place to eat, sleep and play. Hillcrest Boarding Kennels welcome inspections and will proudly show you how clean and secure our facilities are.

Collection & Delivery

This service is available for those owners unable to transport their pets themselves. An additional charge will be levied for this service. Please contact Hillcrest Boarding Kennels.

Contact Hillcrest Boarding Kennels. Our boarding Kennels.

Payment can be made by:

•  Card

•  Cash

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Our black Labrador always rushes in to be greeted by the excellent staff on site and/or by Sarah herself who obviously loves dogs . . .  They usually give him a bath and wash his bedding when we pick him up at NO EXTRA CHARGE . . . Our Labbie is obviously very content to be looked after here and shows no signs of stress, poor nutrition or poor health. Thank you Hillcrest.



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