Hillcrest Boarding Kennels & Cattery
Dog Kennels


Price List

•  1 dog -  £17 per night

•  2 dogs sharing -£28 per night

•  3 dogs sharing - £35 per night


VAT included.

•  Daily Exercise

•  Secure Open Fields

•  Fun & Games

Hillcrest Boarding Kennels contains individual, spacious accommodation, suitable for all breeds

Dog Kennels

We have been a successful, happy, family-run pet boarding business for over 40 years. Sarah Caldwell, with her mature and dedicated team, care for a wide variety of dogs and cats. We are extremely proud of the high levels of service we always give to our animals and customers.


Hillcrest Kennels is set in the beautiful West Dorset countryside, 4 miles west of Dorchester, just off the A35, and easily accessible from all directions.


We offer first class purpose-built luxury accommodation for your pets. Our recently refurbished kennels are light, airy, spacious and heated. We have one cattery and four distinct kennel blocks to suit your dog's temperament. All have generous over-size sleeping areas with separate covered runs.


All our dogs are walked at least twice daily. They also have the opportunity to stretch their legs in our four exercise yards at least twice a day.


Cats have a light and roomy exercise run in their pens.


Your dog will be fed twice a day unless requested otherwise. We are very happy to supply food, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please let us know at the time of booking. We are happy to administer any medication to your pet. Our staff will ensure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh water.


All dogs must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Para Influenza and Leptospirosis. Kennel Cough vaccination is also required. On arrival, please bring an up-to-date vaccination certificate.

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I have a very lively Labrador and he absolutely loved his stay here! Sarah and the team were excellent . . .

Would highly recommend!


- Yell.com

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I have now used Hillcrest Kennels on countless occasions for our black Labrador who always rushes in to be greeted by the excellent staff on site and/or by Sarah herself who obviously loves dogs. And they usually give him a bath and wash his bedding when we pick him up at NO CHARGE. How nice is that? Our Labbie is obviously very content to be looked after here and shows no signs of stress or poor nutrition or poor health. Thank you Hillcrest.


- Yell.com

Collection & Delivery

This service is available for those owners unable to transport their pets themselves. An additional charge will be levied for this service. Please contact Hillcrest Boarding Kennels.